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                    來源:中國翻譯協會對外傳播翻譯委員會   發布時間:2016-01-12



                    1.    進入全面建成小康社會的決定性階段  We have entered the decisive stage of completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects; We have entered the decisive stage of achieving a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

                    2.    凝聚力量,攻堅克難  pool our strength to overcome all difficulties

                    3.    世情、國情、黨情 global, national and Party conditions

                    4.    更加奮發有為,兢兢業業地工作  aim higher and work harder

                    5.       作出全面部署  adopt a comprehensive/an overall action plan

                    6.       作出總體安排  adopt steps for general implement-ation

                    7.    關系全局的重大問題  issues of underlying/ overarch-ing/overriding importance

                    8.    新形勢下黨的建設  Party building in a new environ-ment/under new conditions

                    9.    綜合國力大幅提高 China’s overall strength has grown considerably.

                    10.  生態文明建設扎實展開 Solid steps have been taken to promote ecological progress/raise ecological awareness.

                    11.  宏觀調控體系 system of macro-regulation

                    12.  衣食住行用條件明顯改善 People’s need for daily necessities such as clothing, food, housing and transport is better met.

                    13.  農村扶貧標準大幅度提高 Rural poverty line was raised by a big margin.

                    14.  政治體制改革 reform of the political structure; political structural reform

                    15.  基層民主不斷發展  Community-level  democr-acy has steadily developed.

                    16.  文化建設邁上新臺階  Development of the cultural sector has reached a new stage.

                    17.  文化體制改革全面推進  Comprehensive prog-ress has been made in the reform of the cultural system.

                    18.  人民精神文化生活更加豐富多彩 People have richer intellectual pursuit and cultural entertainment.

                    19.  基本公共服務均等化程度明顯提高  Access to basic public services has become much more equitable.

                    20.  免費義務教育全面實現  Free compulsory educ-ation is now available across the country.

                    21.  軍事斗爭準備不斷深化 Military preparedness is enhanced.

                    22.  開創兩岸關系和平發展新局面 usher in a new stage of peaceful growth of cross-Straits relations

                    23.  在國際事務中的代表性和話語權進一步增強 We have secured more representation and a greater say for China in international affairs.

                    24.  有利的國際環境  favorable international condi-tions/environment

                    25.  加強黨的干部隊伍  strengthen the ranks of Party officials

                    26.  發展中不平衡、不協調、不持續問題仍然突出 Unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable development remains a big/major/prominent problem.

                    27.  資源環境約束加劇  Resources and environ-mental constraints have become more serious.

                    28.  關系群眾切身利益的問題  problems affecting people’s immediate interests

                    29.  一些領域消極腐敗現象易發多發 Some sectors are prone to corruption and other misconduct/malpractices.

                    30.  反腐敗斗爭形勢依然嚴峻 The fight against corruption remains a challenging task for us.

                    31.  戰勝一系列重大挑戰 successfully met major challenges

                    32.  國際局勢風云變幻 We face a volatile intern-ational environment.

                    33.  準確把握我國發展的階段性特征 We have gained a good understanding of the essential/salient features of China’s development in the current stage.

                    34.  應對外部經濟風險沖擊 defuse/stand external economic risks

                    35.  所有這些彰顯了中國特色社會主義的巨大優越性和強大生命力 All this shows the superiority and vitality of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

                    36.  時代特征 the underlying trend of our times

                    37.  牢牢扭住經濟建設這個中心,堅持聚精會神搞建設,一心一意謀發展 We must pursue economic development as the central task and concentrate on it with every determination.

                    38.  實施科教興國、人才強國戰略 We must implement the strategies for making China strong by developing science and education and training competent personnel.

                    39.  全面落實經濟建設、政治建設、文化建設、社會建設、生態文明建設五位一體總體布局 We must fully implement the overall plan for promoting economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological progress.

                    40.  開拓生產發展、生活富裕、生態良好的文明發展道路 expand the path of sound development that leads to increased production, prosperity and a good eco-system

                    41.  把統籌兼顧作為落實科學發展觀的根本方法 take a holistic/ integrated approach as the fundamental way of applying the Scientific Outlook on Development

                    42.  統籌  balance/coordinate relations between

                    43.  堅持一切從實際出發 We should base our-selves on reality in everything we do.

                    44.  充分調動各方面的積極性 keep all parties fully motivated

                    45.  形成全體人民各盡所能、各得其所而又和諧相處的局面 to ensure that all people do their best, find their proper places in society and live in harmony

                    46.  解放思想、實事求是、與時俱進、求真務實,是科學發展觀最鮮明的精神實質 Freeing up the mind, seeking truth from facts, keeping up with the times and being realistic and pragmaticthese are the salient/essential features of the Scientific Outlook on Development.

                    47.  實踐發展永無止境,認識真理永無止境,理論創新永無止境  There is no end to practice, to seeking truth, or to making theoretical innovation.

                    48.  把握時代發展要求 respond to the call of the times

                    49.  探索和把握中國特色社會主義規律  to explore and master laws governing socialism with Chinese characteristics

                    50.    歷經千辛萬苦  endure untold hardships and sufferings

                    51.  開創生動的新局面  create a dynamic new environ-ment in which...

                    52.  開創全面改革開放的新局面 usher in a new phase/open a new horizon in carrying out all-round reform and opening up

                    53.  加快生態文明建設 promote ecological pro-gress; speed up ecological conservation; raise ecological awareness

                    54.  我們既不走封閉僵化的老路,也不走改旗易幟的邪路 We reject both the old and rigid closed-door policy and any attempt to abandon socialism and take an erroneous path.

                    55.  逐漸實現全體人民共同富裕  achieve pro-sperity for all over time/in due course

                    56.  它以全新的視野深化了對共產黨執政規律的認識 It offers from new perspectives a deeper understanding of the laws of governance by the Communist Party.

                    57.  回答了建設什么樣的社會主義的根本問題 It has addressed the fundamental issue of what kind of socialism to build.

                    58.  中國特色社會主義是當代中國發展進步的根本方向 Socialism with Chinese characteristics is what we must pursue if we are to achieve development and make progress in contemporary China.

                    59.  我們要把握住以下基本要求 We should have a firm grasp of the following basic requirements...

                    60.  我們必須堅持人民主體地位 We must ensure that the people maintain their principal position in the country.

                    61.  最廣泛地動員和組織人民管理國家事務 mobilize and organize as many people as possible to manage state affairs

                    62.  要始終把改革開放精神貫徹到治國理政的各個環節 We should always apply the spirit of reform and innovation to all aspects of governance.

                    63.  社會公平正義 social fairness and justice

                    64.  逐步建立以權利公平、機會公平、規則公平為主要內容的社會公平保障體系 establish in due course a system for ensuring fairness in society featuring, among other things, equal rights, equal opportunities and fair rules for all

                    65.  公平正義是中國特色社會主義的內在要求  Fairness and justice are an inherent requirement of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

                    66.  社會和諧是中國特色社會主義的本質屬性 Social harmony is an inherent attribute of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

                    67.  保證人民平等參與、平等發展權利 ensure people’s equal right to participation in governance and to development

                    68.  分配制度 system of income distribution

                    69.  團結一切可以團結的力量 rally all the forces that can be rallied

                    70.  確保人民安居樂業、社會安定有序、國家長治久安 We should ensure that the people live and work in contentment, the society is stable and orderly, and the country enjoys enduring peace and stability.

                    71.  和平發展是中國特色社會主義的必然選擇 Peaceful development is the sure choice of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

                    72.  我們要堅持開放的發展,合作的發展,共贏的發展  We should pursue development through opening up and cooperation to benefit all.


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